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Pavillons de Bercy toolbox

We provide you with the tools and the best service providers to ensure that your event meets your ambitions and runs smoothly.

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Our approved caterers and service providers

Our artistic services: to add rhythm to your event, in addition to the attractions.

Our fairground prizes to win at attractions or give as gifts

General plan of Pavillons de Bercy

Coming to the Pavillons de Bercy

How to promote your event at les Salons Vénitiens

To promote your event and create your invitation, we provide you with visuals and certain graphic elements from our guidelines. These elements are exclusively free of copyright for use in communicating your event held on our venue.
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Graphic elements for les Salons Vénitiens

Technical Documentation des Salons Vénitiens

Technical plans

Barrier plans (pdf)

Example of room setup

For any other documents and/or technical information, please do not hesitate to contact your event manager and our sales team. The set-up of your event may be subject to certain conditions, so be sure to have them validated by your room manager before D-day.


Les Pavillons de Bercy’s commitment

We are in the process of obtaining certification for the ISO 20 121 standard.
This standard applies to players in the events industry, with the aim of building a more sustainable future.
Find out more about the CSR values promoted by Les Pavillons de Bercy.

Pavillons de Bercy Sustainable Development Policy