FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I visit the museum without a reservation?

Unfortunately, you can not visit the museum on your own.The museum is accessible throughout the year by reservation only. As an interactive museum we want to provide our visitors with the best possible experience. One of the roles of our entertaining guides is to enable you to try some of our centenary rides and attractions and activate musical and automaton shows through the tour.
The museum opens to the public once a year year with no guided tours, for our Festival du Merveilleux (From December 26th to the end of the Christmas holidays).
During the festival, visitors discover our museum at their own pace and assist to all the live performances scheduled

If I am not part of a pre-arranged group, can I still visit the museum?

Joining one of our guided tours as individual visitors is very simple. You can book your tickets online for one of our tours, depending on availability. Please note that most of our tours are in french.

I have booked a tour for the Musée des Arts Forains, can I also visit the other rooms?

The Musée des Arts Forains is the name of one of our rooms, yet it is also what we are called by the general public. During the guided tours our guides will take you to at least two rooms of the Pavillons de Bercy, including the Musée des Arts Forains.

Am I allowed to try the vintage merry-go-rounds?  

Through the guided tour, your guide will invite you to try some of our centenarian carousels and fairground attractions. These 19th century rides were primarily intended for adults, but younger children who are accompagnied by a parent or guardian are allowed to try them as well.

Is there a minimum age to visit the museum?

There is no age restriction to visit the Pavillons de Bercy, but the tours are always guided. Although the tours are animated and the carousels are fun, the tour may be too long for young children to maintain focus. We therefore advise tours from 5 years old.

Can I take pictures in the museum? With a flash?

Souvenir photos are allowed, with or without a flash.

The use of tripods, or monopods is not authorized.

All  professional photography must be authorized beforehand. Circulation, publication and sale of images of the museum are forbidden.

Are dogs allowed?

Assistance dogs are welcomed. Small dogs carried in a bag are also allowed.

Is there a locker room or a closet for luggage ?

We do not have a room dedicated to storing your luggage or other bags. Moreover, since the reinforcement of the French government’s Vigipirate plan, luggage that is larger than cabin-size is not allowed on the site.

Can I have something to eat on site?

Throughout the year there is no food service or bar in the museum.
During our special opening food trucks are installed in our garden.

Is there a gift shop ?

There is no gift shop at the museum. A temporary shop is open only during the Festival du Merveilleux.

Is there a reduced admission?

We do have reduced admission for visitors with disabilities. We are a private and entirely self-funded museum, so each visitor contributes to the preservation of this unique heritage.

Are ICOM cards accepted?

The museum is not a member of ICOM, and therefore does not accept ICOM cards.

Do I get a free admission if I have a press card?

Only authorized journalists who have arranged a tour to write a report or an article about the museum will be given a free admission.

Daily guided tours all summer long

In Paris this summer?
Make the most of it and visit the Pavillons de Bercy!
All visit slots are posted online.
There is no possibility of visiting without prior booking.