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An unusual venue in Paris

Salons Vénitiens


« After a journey on the lagoon, feel the atmosphere of a baroque palace decorated for an 18th century carnival evening » Jean Paul Favand

A prestigious venue

Inspired by Venice, we have created a timeless and historical scenery; that of a reconstituted 18th century venetian palace attired for a carnival reception in the middle of Paris. The scenography confers to this prestigious venue a unique and genuine identity. Of all our rooms, the Salons Vénitiens is the most intimate, perfectly suitable for small conventions, cocktail receptions, dinner dance, product launches, weddings or gala dinners.

An exceptionnal event for your guests

The fairground attractions, the gondola merry-go-round and the video show invite the visitor to discover a magnified city of Venice. Entrain your guests on a journey to Venice for an exceptional special event. Once under the Rialto Bridge, they will embark on a peaceful ride across the lagoon and will be amazed by an opera show sung by automatons.


Repas Assis

Up to 450 guests


Up to 600 guests

Conventions / Congrés

Up to 400 guests

Surface totale : 800m2

Capacité max : 600 guests

Adding a room : you can increase the capacity by adding another room (The Théâtre du Merveilleux, the  Musée des Arts Forains or the Magic Mirror)

Adding an outdoor area : La Piazza – 500m²

Rates : Rental fees are quoted upon request, according to the number of guests, the time of the year and the chosen options.

Attractions, spectacles & artistes

Possibilité de forfait toutes attractions

  • The Chamboule-tout

    Similar to the coconut-shy, this attraction is a funfair classic. The heads decorating the stall come from an old shooting gallery and are a beautiful example of popular art.

  • "Ball Passer"

    This game, also known as the "Ball Eater" is one of the oldest attractions in funfairs. The player has to throw balls into the mouth of characters that represent aristocrats and merchants.

  • Dutch spinning top game

    This beautifully decorated game of chance was already present in royal courts. It then appeared in clubs and salons. Wishes will come true if you manage to ring the bell.

  • Pucket elasticated table game

    Players race each other to clear the pucks from their side of the board. It will guarantee your guests a laugh or two.

  • "Japanese billiards"

    Despite their name, Japanese billiards do not come from the Far East. They are French dexterity games in which points are accumulated by throwing balls into various circles.

  • Gondola race

    This unavoidable attraction lets you take part in a memorable race on the lagoon. The boat-automatons of the 19th century come from a fairground mechanical theatre.

  • Venetian billiards

    This game is inspired by poker and retains its most enjoyable aspects.

  • Parade gondola merry-go-round

    The structure of this merry-go-round was specially designed for this room, enhanced with 19th century gondolas and figures from France and Germany

The Chamboule-tout

"Ball Passer"

Dutch spinning top game

Jeu de Toupie Hollandaise aux Salons Vénitiens

Pucket elasticated table game

"Japanese billiards"

Gondola race

Venetian billiards

Parade gondola merry-go-round

Vue d'ensemble du Manège de Gondoles
© Sébastien Siraudeau


The 4D projection show “Venice the Serene”

Part of the room and objects are turned into a display surface for an interactive and immersive show. Thanks to contemporary technology, 18th century boat-automatons will invite you to join a memorable regatta. The magic lantern used in past shows has been replaced by 11 video projectors and computer-assisted lighting. This 500sqm image is projected on 14 different plans causing an impression of volume and illusion as the curtain rises on a magnified and dream-like city of Venice. Plunged into darkness, the spectator is drawn into this spectacular parade discovering an original form of representation.

The Opera Show included with the venue*

Dressed in authentic opera costumes, automatons portraying Casanova, Colombina, Harlequin and the Doge perform opera arias in front of your guests and take them to the Fenice.


Nous pouvons vous proposer un catalogue d’artistes du spectacle vivant :

Trapézistes, échassiers, jongleurs, acrobates, mimes, cracheurs de feu, magiciens ainsi que musiciens et orchestres pour l’accueil et l’animation de vos évènements.

Découvrez nos prestations artistiques


The carnival

The Salons Venitiens are a commemoration to entertainment, amusement and one of its most notorious examples: the carnival. In an attempt to boost the city’s economy, the Doge of Venice ordered an extension of the carnival from 10 days to several months. By this decree, the Venetians invented the concept of tourism, which continues to be successful to this day.

The Feast of Fools

The timeless scenography of this venue invites the visitors to break with their everyday life. They are introduced to the feast of fools, in a topsy-turvy world where a former industrial building suddenly turns into a baroque palace. References of inside and outside are blurred by the presence of authentic ornaments illustrating the theme of the Venetian Carnival : sculptures made of stucco, ochre renderings, loggias ornamented with white balusters and an outdoor piazza cobbled with Verona marble. A merry-go-round composed of parade gondolas recreates inside the illusion of a gondola ride on the Grand Canal.

The 4D projection show

“Venice, the serene” is a 4D digital wonder which was added to the Venetian Rooms in 2012. It is a continuation Jean Paul Favand’s augmented reality work features in the Théâtre du Merveilleux.
1880’s automatons – equipped with adjusted traditional engines – parade in front of painted canvas from the same era (part of a puppet scenery created by the Pajot-Walton firm). This show features a new form of 4D, inspired by the 19th century funfair mechanical theatres shows that used automatons and moving painted panoramas. The aim is to convey same amazement as the audience would had discovering the wonders of the mechanical theatre

The games and even the decor of the room become part and parcel of the show, arousing curiosity and surprise. “Venice, the serene” reawakens the emotions of past fairs, thanks to objects brought back to life by the use of modern technologies.

Halfway between the real and the virtual, the objects and ornaments of the 19th century enhanced by 12 video projectors create a genuinely impressive illusion.



Total size : 800sqm

Lighting : 16-channel digital console / Scripted lighting that uses over 350 sources of light. It is possible to customise the lighting according to the type of event

Sound :multizone diffusion controlled by a computer / HF Mic

Other :
The room is adapted for video projections
Ground floor load-in
Prep area with sink (lift)

Téléchargements (pdf)


  • Voiture

    Proche du périphérique, sortie Porte de Bercy et de la voie Georges Pompidou

  • Métro

    Ligne 14 à 5 minutes du Châtelet — Station Cour St Emilion

  • Bus

    Lignes 24, 109 et 111 – Arrêt Terroirs de France

  • Parking Indigo (3000 places)

    Saint-Emilion : 12 Place des Vins de France, 75012 Paris
    +33 (0)1 44 68 89 59
    Lumière : 40 Avenue des Terroirs de France, 75012 Paris
    +33 (0)1 43 07 80 87

  • Parking Car Bercy

    Bercy Cars : 6 rue des Pirogues de Bercy, 75012 Paris
    +33 (0)1 44 68 89 59
    Bercy Autocars : 210 quai de Bercy, 75012 Paris
    +33 (0)1 43 47 00 01

  • Accessibilité

    Tout le lieu est de plain-pied et facilement accessible aux PMR.
    Rue pavée pour accéder d’une salle à l’autre.