Actualités du Musée des Arts Forains

A land of adventure, freedom, culture, conviviality and daydream

Hosted since 1996 in XIXth century Wine Warehouses, listed among the French inventory of Historic Monuments, the Pavillons de Bercy receive more than 250 000 people a year.

Five unique worlds on 8500m2, each staged with their own specific theme:
. Le Musée des Arts Forains (Museum of Fairground Arts), a Belle-Époque fairground space
. Le Théâtre du Merveilleux (The Theatre of Marvels), a giant curiosity-cabinet paying tribute to projection shows.
. Les Salons Vénitiens (The Venetian rooms), a carnival in the Serene Republic.
. Le Théâtre de Verdure (The Greenery Theatre), an extraordinary garden.
And since Fall 2014, the recently settled "Magic Mirror", an authentic travelling ballroom from the 1920's.

Panthère Rose du Musée

A continuously evolving cultural location, staging the biggest collection of festive arts and entertainment 'objects' in Europe through the use of modern sound and image technologies. This unique scenography, combining tradition and modernity, transforms this place into a huge living show where the rides and objects are actors.

An event location:
The different venues of les Pavillons de Bercy and its exteriors can be rented all year long to accommodate private events: dinners, cocktail parties, conventions, fashion shows. Thanks to its location, modularity and originality, this venue offers ideal conditions for private parties.

An entertaining museum to discover year round:
Guided tours involving the public's participation are available all year long upon reservation. The visitors need to be guided within this art-living museum as it is possible to try the rides and touch the objects within its walls. A real Journey out of time…

Public openings:
Twice a year, les Pavillons de Bercy – Musée des Arts Forains continuously open its doors to the general public; In September during the European Heritage Days, and around the Christmas Holidays for the Festival du Merveilleux with many performances taking place throughout the day.

Everything has been conceived to give visitors, who have become actors, a truly magical moment.


All the authentic patrimony objects, artefacts and ancient rides are in an excellent preserved condition. Many years of research and restoration have been necessary to enable each object to tell its story, as some have been in use for more than a hundred years.

Thanks to a museography oriented restoration, the museum professionals – archivists, experts, art curators as well as exhibition designer- analysed over 29000 objects, post cards, and catalogs from Fairground manufacturers all over Europe.

During their fairground life, the museum rides and attractions were repainted multiple times to maintain their lively aspects; sometimes as much as 20 layers of paint were applied! The conservation work now involves the uncovering of every paint layer with a scalpel in order to reveal their original colours and sculpture, which can take up to 3 months.

Whether it is uncovering the original colours of an antique mural painting or recreating the broken pieces of sculptures with identical woods, our dedicated conservation and restoration professionals make miracles happen in our workshops.

Conservation & restoration studios at the Pavillons de Bercy


Les Pavillons de Bercy are members and fondators of the Economic Interest group Destination Paris Bercy

Entreprise du Patrimoine vivant

Les Pavillons de Bercy have received the Label "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Living Heritage Companies)
for their commitment in preserving and displaying fairground and entertainment heritage