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An unavoidable events venue in Paris

Théâtre du Merveilleux


« Ladies and Gentlemen, come discover the elephant shaped hot-air balloon, the hidden dwarf nesting on a giant’s wooden leg, the unicorn playing piano and so much more… » Jean Paul Favand

A palace of marvels and illusions for your special events

This palace of marvels and illusions, where the real and the virtual meet, will provide you with an unforgettable experience. With its imposing iron beams and brick-arched openings, its structure bears witness of the industrial architecture of the late 1800s. The scenery pays tribute to a form of entertainment that was popular in the 19th century « The Theatre of Marvels and its phantasmagorias ».

A combination of tradition and modernity

The orchestration of the lighting, sound and optical effects turns this venue into an enormous show hall. The numerous old and authentic attractions are featured along with our virtual astrological game and video shows to please your guests.

A great venue for big events

The versatility of the space will enable to transform it accordingly to your events specifications. It is the biggest of our four venues and is perfectly suitable for conferences, fashion shows, dinner dance, formal dinners and cocktail receptions for numerous guests.


Repas Assis

Up to 800 guests


Up to 880 guests

Conventions / Congrés

Up to 850 guests

Surface totale : 1800m2

Capacité max : 880 guests

Adding a room : you can increase the capacity by adding another room (the Musée des Arts Forains, the Salons Vénitiens or the Magic Mirror).

Adding an outdoor area: The private garden-street – 800 sqm

Rates : Rental fees are quoted upon request, according to the number of guests, the time of the year and the chosen options.

Attractions, spectacles & artistes

Possibilité de forfait toutes attractions

  • Wooden skill games

    Ancestors of the billiards, these games require skills and dexterity

  • Unicorn zodiac game

    This sculpture of figurative woods was entirely created to receive video projections. As in a lottery, the players bid on the zodiac sign of their choice. The winners assist to the projection of a poetic video corresponding to their astrological sign.

  • Billiard and puckets table games

    Despite their name, Japanese billiards do not come from the Far East. They are French games in which points are accumulated by throwing balls into various circles.
    Pucket elasticated table games : players race each other to clear the pucks from their side of the board. It will guarantee your guests a laugh or two.

  • Marenghi shooting gallery

    These mechanical shooting targets made by Valentin Milot represent several scenes of daily life. Once you hit the target, the doors spring open. The scene animates thanks to a clockwork mechanism and windup power.

  • Horse race

    This unavoidable attraction lets you take part in captivating races. Twelve horses stand side by side on the starting line. The first player who finishes the race, with or without a rider, wins.

  • Dutch spinning top game

    This beautifully decorated game of chance was already present in royal courts. It then appeared in clubs and salons. Wishes will come true if you manage to ring the bell.

Wooden skill games

Unicorn zodiac game

The game

Guests discovering the projection of one astrological sign

The unicorn

Billiard and puckets table games

General view of the booth and the puckets.

the japanese billiards

Marenghi shooting gallery

Vue d'ensemble du Tir Marenghi

Horse race

Dutch spinning top game

Vue d'ensemble des Toupies Hollandaises


Video Show

Twelve video projectors and many different light sources work collectively, the room seems endowed with life, turning into a 1800sqm show hall. This confrontation between the real and the virtual is intriguing as it plays on optical illusions and unusual combining of images. It is a tribute to the very first forms of lights and shadows performances, using modern cutting edge technologies and a great amount of fantasy.

Mechanical music instruments

Three instruments are playing together – a carillon on the wall, a Mortier organ from the 1920s and an automated piano telepathically controlled by the Unicorn – and interpret waltzes and gymnopaedias, turning the room into a ballroom.


Nous pouvons vous proposer un catalogue d’artistes du spectacle vivant :

Trapézistes, échassiers, jongleurs, acrobates, mimes, cracheurs de feu, magiciens ainsi que musiciens et orchestres pour l’accueil et l’animation de vos évènements.

Découvrez nos prestations artistiques



The “Théâtre du Merveilleux” is named after a form of theatre created around 1800 and pays homage to Robertson. In those days, artists used the latest discoveries of the Industrial Revolution to amaze spectators. Special lighting and magic lantern projections were among the most popular. This form of theatre, which was innovative at the time, lives on inside this building along with the memory of the “Tivolis”, the ancestors of our first show halls.


Tales, myths and legends take part in the show. The blend of traditions and contemporary technologies creates magic and illusions, and acts as a trigger to imagination.

Among the four venues offered by the Pavillons de Bercy, the Théâtre du Merveilleux, a central site of Parisian performing arts, is also a laboratory of ideas.


Jean Paul Favand, formerly known for his career in staging objects, has created a1800sqm curiosity cabinet where each and every object has been restored and adjusted to bring about a dialogue with the public.

The Unicorn wood sculpture (8 by 11m), is an installation that harks back to the garden follies in vogue during the 18th century. These figurative wood pieces and objects, collected from around the world, show renewed aspects thanks to the intertwined images of three video projectors.

On the other side of the room, visitors discover among other surprises world in motion of Captain Nemo, projected onto the structure of a ballroom organ from the early 20th century. A little further, wax characters from the “Musée Grévin” are wearing attires from the “Folies Bergères”.



Total size : 1800sqm

Lighting : 96-channel digital console / Scripted lighting that uses over 650 sources of light. It is possible to customise the lighting according to the type of event chosen.

Sound : Multizone diffusion controlled by a computer / APG Diffusion / HF Mic.

Included personnel : a manager and security agent(s)

Other : The room is adapted for video projections.
Ground floor load-in
Prep area with sink  (lift)

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  • Voiture

    Proche du périphérique, sortie Porte de Bercy et de la voie Georges Pompidou

  • Métro

    Ligne 14 à 5 minutes du Châtelet — Station Cour St Emilion

  • Bus

    Lignes 24, 109 et 111 – Arrêt Terroirs de France

  • Parking Indigo (3000 places)

    Saint-Emilion : 12 Place des Vins de France, 75012 Paris
    +33 (0)1 44 68 89 59
    Lumière : 40 Avenue des Terroirs de France, 75012 Paris
    +33 (0)1 43 07 80 87

  • Parking Car Bercy

    Bercy Cars : 6 rue des Pirogues de Bercy, 75012 Paris
    +33 (0)1 44 68 89 59
    Bercy Autocars : 210 quai de Bercy, 75012 Paris
    +33 (0)1 43 47 00 01

  • Accessibilité

    Tout le lieu est de plain-pied et facilement accessible aux PMR.
    Rue pavée pour accéder d’une salle à l’autre.